With GM and Ford embracing Tesla's EV charging technology, here's what it means for consumers

DETROIT (AP) - Starting next year, owners of electric vehicles made by General Motors and Ford will be able to charge their EVs at many of Tesla’s charging stations, the largest such network in the country.

Iran helping Russia build drone factory near Moscow

WASHINGTON (AP) - Iran is providing Russia with materials to build a drone manufacturing plant east of Moscow as the Kremlin looks to lock in a steady supply of weaponry for its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, according to a U.S. intelligence finding released by the White House on Friday.

Britain Politics Boris Johnson Boris Johnson will quit as an MP after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading parliament.
Former UK PM Johnson standing down from parliament

Former United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson says he is stepping down as a member of parliament, triggering a by-election in his marginal seat.

Haze from Canadian wildfires eases as reinforcements from abroad arrive

MONTREAL (AP) - The hazardous haze from wildfires in Canada's northeast eased there and throughout much of northeastern United States on Friday, but Canadian officials warned it could be a marathon fire season and welcomed the help of firefighters arriving from other countries.

Assange loses bid to stop extradition to the U.S

LONDON (AP) - A British judge has rejected the latest attempt by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to fight extradition to the United States to face spying charges.

For many cities around the world, bad air an inescapable part of life

WASHINGTON (AP) - Thick, smoky air from Canadian wildfires made for days of misery in New York City and across the U.S. Northeast this week. But for much of the rest of the world, breathing dangerously polluted air is an inescapable fact of life - and death.

Cuba spy station just 'rumours', say China The US and China are speaking out against reports China is setting up a spying station in Cuba.
US is 'spreading rumours' about Cuba spy station: China

Reports that China is setting up a spy installation in Cuba to spy on US southern states have not been confirmed or denied.